MY Radiation Oncologist, the brilliant, Dr. Janna Andrews is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic. No she is not a cancer survivor but she is DEFINITELY a Cancer Slayer. While specializing in radiation oncology at Temple University, Dr. Andrews was discouraged from pursuing training in a specialty field; she was told that her community needed more primary care physicians of color. However, nobody could deny that minorities were diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses and should have representation in all fields of medicine. During her time as an attending physician at Indiana University, Janna served on the residency committee and worked diligently to recruit other minorities into the field of Radiation Oncology. Janna also worked with the Congressional Black Caucus in an effort to improve health care literacy within the minority community. Dr. Andrews is committed to establishing a connection with the  LI community even before the diagnosis of breast cancer, and founded a nonprofit for breast cancer survivors called, Kicked It In Heels. Built to further the end of health care disparities in breast cancer by focusing on breast cancer survivors, specifically women of color and young women, Kicked It In Heels provides basic information on screening and survivors’ experiences as they transition. After diagnosis, the organization encourages lifestyle adjustments and dialogue, and offers workshops focused on fitness, beauty and wellness. Since Dr. Andrews has been extremely supportive with my #SlayCancerMovement, I wanted to know what the phrase #SlayCancer means to her :


“From my perspective Slay Cancer means I get to help my patients take this devastating news and see themselves past this living happy, fulfilling lives. And I get the benefit of seeing this because I see them for years to come. I watch them have amazing life moments that they never thought they would be able to have. It is extremely rewarding for me. It is why I #SlayCancer “




Besides the obvious medical assistance Dr. Andrews has provided for me, it really is her genuine care and concern that makes her extra special. The relationship between doctor and patient is a meaningful and special one. They see us patients at our sickest and most lowest point. She offers me hope and has gotten to know me as Deniece, rather than another breast cancer patient. Dr. Andrews exudes so much #BlackGirlMagic! Being in her presence makes me feel I can anything I put my mind to including #SlayCancer . Thank you Dr. Andrews for all you do for me and all of your other patients ! xo


To get your dose of Dr. Andrews’ #BlackGirlMagic, follow her on IG @jannaandrewsmd  and/ or @kickeditinheels