The phrase, ” you never know who is watching” is an absolutely true saying! I began documenting my breast cancer journey shortly after my diagnosis. While some people may become a recluse after receiving such devastating news, I was moved to share it with the world in hopes of inspiring ONE young person to be proactive with their health and perform self breast exams (#EARLYDETECTIONISKEY) Dead smack in the middle of my chemotherapy treatments, Flanice reached out to me with questions about my journey as she was just recently diagnosed herself. Although she was a complete stranger, Flanice and I had a connection that can not be explained- as do millions of other men and women out there. Giving her advice about what to eat, what to expect during chemo and the side effects of the different drug regimes were supposed to assist her, but honestly our conversations inspired ME. I knew I wanted her to be apart of the #CancerSlayerSeries as she is currently still in the process of destroying this disease.  Please read in Flanice’s own words what #SLAYCancer means to her:

WarriorHow I #SlayCancer….

I smile. I laugh. I live. Everyday that I wake up and function is a good day. When I get out of bed, take a walk, or text friends and family, I’m telling cancer it can kiss my converse. All of these things add up to me not just slaying cancer but also its minions fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Every single thing I do brings me one step closer to defeating cancer physically and mentally. Even as my body goes through its toughest war to date, my mind has to endure. I #slaycancer by taking it a day at a time and living my best life possible in spite of my diagnosis.


99.9% of the battle is M E N T A L and with Flanice’s amazing positive mindset and determination, I am sure she will #SLAYCancer ! Praise report soon come. To follow this Cancer Slayer as she becomes a SURVIVOR follow her @lalasupreme5