I must say I’ve met some DOPE survivors so far during my breast cancer journey. My ‘Pink Sisters’ have in some way, shape or form inspired me to continue to fight and have opened my eyes to this new “breast cancer world”. I was introduced to  Kima on FB where she and I are apart of the exclusive “Living Life After Cancer” group. Her vibrant personality and courage to fearlessly rock her Lymphedema sleeve is truly inspiring. (BC-‘before cancer’, I personally had NO idea what lymphedema was, let alone a lymphedema sleeve!) Lymphedema refers to swelling that generally occurs in one of your arms and  is most commonly caused by the removal of or damage to your lymph nodes as a part of cancer treatment. A lymphedema sleeve provides compression for the affected limb and helps to keep fluid from accumulating in the limb.  She boldly told me “Any time I’m doing anything breast cancer related, I personally like to always showcase my lymphedema sleeve, as it’s now a part of me and I love showing  at an event as it shows there’s life after cancer!”  After this statement I KNEW I had to feature her as Cancer Slayer. Read below to find out what the phrase #SLAYCancer means to Kima:


#SlayCancer – When you’re faced with a battle such as Cancer, a powerful strength comes over you and you feel this urge and need to FIGHT; fight like you’ve never fought before. My passion for life increased even higher than it has ever been. I was determined to stomp out cancer with my pink diamond stilettos. I felt an urge to look good outside and feel good inside during my journey. My desire to inspire other young women in the battle heightened. Despite all the strength and urge to fight, I also realized how to take a step back, how to relax, how to say no to others, and how to take care of myself. I realized that it was ok to NOT be ok. I was not considered weak by not being ok, but stronger for realizing what needed to be done to become triumphant and SLAY CANCER!




Thank you Kima for being bold and relentless in your fight. Cancer and Lymphodema have NOTHING on you! You truly are a CANCER SLAYER