I stumbled onto Shay’s IG page in the beginning of my chemotherapy treatments. I learned SO much PRACTICAL things about breast cancer and its affects on young women. The first time I saw the phrase ” Young Women CAN get breast cancer” was on her page. During my  MANY nights of insomnia, I perused her IG for answers: Can women and men get breast cancer AFTER a double mastectomy? What types of side effects of chemo do I have to look forward to? How about chemo and the effects it has on your relationships?? When I tell you I would be on her page for HOURS at a time, I am not exaggerating! I knew I HAD to get Shay involved in the CancerSlayerSeries. Not only did she start a non-profit organization that grants wishes to young women diagnosed with TERMINAL breast cancer before age 40,  she herself is a TWO TIME breast cancer survivor diagnosed at age 26 and 36. Her positivity and zest for life inspires me DAILY. Read below to see what #SLAYCancer brand means to Shay!



Even though my breasts have been removed that doesn’t stop the cancer from returning….I’ve had a mastectomy and numerous breast surgeries. The cancer still came back…..#SLAYCancer is not just about merely surviving cancer. It’s about taking your power back! It’s making the absolute best out of your circumstance and where you are in your cancer journey “


It is absolutely, positively clear that our CancerSlayerShay is a warrior. On behalf of my pink sisters, I want to personally thank Shay for providing  positivity, laughs and insight on what to expect during my very own cancer journey. Please check out Shay’s IG @sspw and her website www.ShaySharpesPinkWishes.org