This past September 9th, the biggest and brightest Hollywood stars united on ‘Stand Up 2 Cancer ‘ (SU2C) a live fundraising telecast to benefit cancer research and help end cancer in our lifetime.The one-hour show will air live on more than 60 networks I was star struck by only one person and her name is Trina. When her beautiful brown face flashed across the screen, I was in awe.  I was then totally enamored when I heard her story. You see, before this I had never even heard about colorectal cancer yet alone see a young black woman fighting the disease with style and grace. When she spoke about wearing makeup and heels to chemotherapy treatments, and modeling around the world WHILE undergoing chemo, that confirmed that we are most certainly from the same #SLAYCancer tribe. I found a way to contact this queen and she explained to me what #SLAYCancer means to her :

WarriorSlaying Cancer to me means living by my own rules . Trusting God every step of the way with no fear . Focusing on living my best life and not allowing cancer to kill my spirit . I have Cancer it does not have me.

I #SlayedCancer by accepting and answering the call God has on my life accepting this battle is not mine its for other people that may need something God gave me to share. I am continuing to #SLAYCancer by reaching back to encourage and inspire other people to live their best life by being transparent with my journey . I also #SLAYCancer everytime I step on a runway to model whether it be in Paris or my hometown by carrying all those woman on my shoulders that are not confident enough to embrace their beautiful bald heads or all the other challenges that come along with cancer and self body image . I am living my best life with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer .


Thank you so much Trina for continuing your fight, and for showing the world you can slay while you #SLAYCancer. You, queen, are a true inspiration!!


Visit to read more about this warrior or follow her IG page @strengthnstilletos  to witness the Slayage first hand!!


(And because knowledege is power) —-> Colorectal cancer occurs more frequently in African American men and women than in any other racial group in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. Death rates from the disease are also higher in African Americans than in other racial groups.  Several studies have found that African American patients are more likely to be diagnosed after the cancer has spread beyond the colon, making it more difficult to treat successfully. Hence why I believe it is extremely important to have a proactive approach to your health as opposed to a reactive one. #EARLYDETECTIONISKEY to #SLAYCANCER