Hey guys,

2016 has been a roller coaster of emotions….I went from planning my 33rd birthday dinner and spring vaca plans to getting diagnosed with breast cancer, going thru several months of chemo and undergoing a double mastectomy to being interviewed by Wendy Williams and now my #SLAYCancer beauty regimen journey is featured on essence.com….. YES!! THEE Essence.com. I am so grateful to God for healing me and presenting me with amazing opportunities to share my journey, bring breast cancer awareness to the forefront and most importantly bring glory to His name.  Go the link below to read the article! I hope it open’s at least one person’s eyes to the effects of chemo on the body.


Also, I MUST give an extra special thank you to my chapter Soror Nykia who is the Beauty Editor for Essence! (Beauty +Brains) Thank you for thinking of me *pink and green kisses*