*Deniece meet Anais…*

A normal Friday evening beauty supply run with one of my best friends (love you Va!) turned into somewhat of an outer body experience for me…… 

 Although I had cut my locs off 2 weeks prior (*cue shamelss plug*–>see previous post titled “Cut it”) and was rocking a bad ass haircut since then, the chemo began taking its toll. Little by little, the flyness of the fade began to fade and my hair started falling out immediately after #SlayDay (a.k.a. chemo day) number 2. The follicles and roots on my head became extremely tender which in turn forced me to just shave it all off. I was nervous walking into the barber shop but immediatey after felt a sense of relief come over me….and then I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see a “cancer patient”! For some strange reason tho, I didnt feel bad for myself. I did the typical ‘D-Nice’ thing: took a few selfies and sent them to some fam & friends and of course my boo. (They loved the Baldie Baddie 😉 FullSizeRender (1)

Fast forward to that regular schmegular trip to the beauty supply store. As soon as we walked in, Va directed me to the wig section. Immediately, Anais jumped right out at me. We both agreed that I should try it on and voila, something inside of me came to life. Since being diagnosed, Ive been dreading how I would deal with the looming “no hair” situation. You see, my locs were my thing. It was how people identified me: “you know Deniece, the one with the locs, the one that looks like Lauryn Hill”. I couldnt imagine not having my mane. I could DEFINITELY not imagine rocking a WIG!! But when the time came and Anais was on, I felt good. It was like an acceptance of my temporary new normal. 

The next day, I got up, got dressed, got my Deniece C. Styles and slayed my Saturday with Anais in tow. ….. 

What I have learned about the way I want to be bald? Im going to rock it; Bare or wigged, scarved or with a dope hat. Sure my hair will never be the same but you know what, after this experience, neither will I…and regardless.. #MyCrownSlays