Yesterday was an absolutely AMAZING day!!! I was picked to be the ‘Eye Candy Of The Day” on the Wendy Williams show. For October, the talk show is highlighting Breast Cancer Survivors that want to show off their look after battling the disease.  On January 1 of THIS YEAR, a mere 9 months ago, I was a “normal” 32 year old woman with an overall general bill of health and collarbone length locs thriving in my Visual Merchandising job that I absolutely LOVED!!  The fact that I was NOW on the Wendy Williams show (a NATIONALLY syndicated talk show), talking about how I beat, excuse me, S L A Y E D breast cancer was definitely surreal.


After all the LOVE, likes on IG, reposts on fb, texts, calls, dm’s and snaps, and the sheer fabulousness of the Wendy show , reality set back in and I drove my a** back to Long Island to go to radiation. (SMH) I started radiation about 1 week ago and have 5 yes F I V E more weeks to go. After my double mastectomy in August, I was declared CANCER FREE but opted to move forward with radiation as a preventative/ just in case measure.  Radiation therapy uses penetrating beams of high-energy x-rays to kill cancer cells with as little risk as possible to normal cells. The goal of radiation therapy is to kill any cancer that might be left in or around the breast after surgery.  The treatments are painless and the most common side effects are skin blistering with some pain (think sunburn) and fatigue.


Walking into my radiation center was the epitome of #WhenLifeComesAtYouFast. A few hours before, I was getting my face beat by a makeup artist in NYC and now I was prepping to essentially burn possible cancer cells in my body. Another example of how I will be a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR for the rest of my life. Always thinking, worrying and wondering if it will ever come back. My advice to myself and other breast cancer patients is to embrace each moment and each day …like it is my last.