At the tender age of 17, I was honored to hold the prestigious title of Ms. Grenada USA 2000. Being the youngest in the pageants history to ever win the coveted crown, I made it my mission to represent Grenada in the best and brightest way possible. I was always a PROUD Grenadian-American,but winning Ms. Grenada gave me a tangible platform to shed light on this beautiful tr-island Caribbean nation.  As Queen,  I got the opportunity to visit several orphanages and shelters in Grenada and instantly fell in love with philanthropy. I continued this love for giving back after joining the prestigious community service based sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, while in college and haven’t looked back since!

Knowing that I was my family was heading to Grenada this year on Christmas vaca, I reached out to the Grenada Cancer Center in hope that I can “give back”; this time in the name of “Slay Cancer” since this is the first time traveling back home post diagnosis. THIS WAS THE MOST REWARDING PART OF THE TRIP!! Hosting a SlayCancer workshop at the GrenadaCancerCenter was simply life changing. I met, shared stories and provided hope for #CancerSurvivors . Although some were #breastcancersurvivors while others survived #ovarian #prostate and #colon cancers,  we A L L spoke about facing the same #aftercancer life experiences and were A L L grateful to God for his mercy on our lives. I’ll definitely be giving back to the Grenada Cancer Center real soon!! FullSizeRender (6)