#EARTHDAY is here!!! A day to reflect on the beautiful life that our planet gives us and to remember all the wonder that is has to offer. If you haven’t already decided how to “celebrate” earth day, here are a few ideas that can also help lower your risk for #BreastCancer


1)Go for a Walk/Hike/Bike Ride : All of these can improve your fitness, lower your risk of cancer and lower your risk of #reoccurence.

2)Use a refillable water bottle: Harmful chemicals can be found in plastic water bottles and these bottles already take up a lot of space in landfills. Invest in a glass or stainless steel water bottle to help the environment and improve your health. HYDRATION IS IMPORTANT!!! 3)Just ditch plastic all together today: Dedicate your day to avoiding ALL one -use plastic products bc simply put, #PlasticSucks. Replace food or beverage containers with glass or metal.


4)Go meatless for the day: Eating large amount of highly processed meats can increase your risk for certain types of cancers. Go meatless to reduce your #carbonfootprint


5) HAVE FUN! Grab a few friends and enjoy a night in or a night out on the town…put on your best outfit and always #Slay while you #SlayCancer and enjoy this beautiful earth God gave us!!!