OCTOBER 1- OCTOBER 31: “it’s Pinktober!, all pink everything, pink ribbons everywhere, 1 in 8 women, 1 in 100 men, check your breasts, get your annual mammogram, don’t forget your all pink outfit, pinkpinkpinkpinkpinkkkkkk”

NOVEMBER 1- “Time for Thanksgiving!” 


I will speak for myself( and lots of #CancerSlayers) and say that October is an extremely triggering month for me (a kind of low-key PTSD). Because of the overload of “all pink everything”, I’m reminded of traumatic experiences, have severe flashbacks and suffer from survivor’s guilt thinking of all my fellow Slayers that unfortunately did not make it to this October. And let me make this extremely clear, I am all for #BreastCancerAwareness and proactive/ preventative breast health care ( I mean that’s what #SlayCancer is all about) What grinds my gears is when it all comes to a screeching halt come 11/1. There are still breast cancer patients who need love and financial assistance, breast cancer survivors that need to be checked up on and breast cancer caregivers that still have the responsibility of taking care of their loved one! Let’s continue the hard conversations post October. Let’s continue talking about checking your breasts/ knowing your body and giving back (monetarily AND emotionally) Instead of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth let’s challenge ourselves to make it #BreastCancerAwarenessYear because #TheFightDoesntEndInOctober

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