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The Cancer Slayer Series


I know you guys know that October is #BreastCancerAwareness month!!!  We’re only 5 days in but I’m pretty sure your timelines are ‘Pinked’ out with breast cancer facts, myths, info about walks etc etc. Although I am ALL for increasing…

From Wendy Williams to Radiation #RealityCheck

Slay Cancer

Yesterday was an absolutely AMAZING day!!! I was picked to be the ‘Eye Candy Of The Day” on the Wendy Williams show. For October, the talk show is highlighting Breast Cancer Survivors that want to show off their…

*FlashBack Friday*

Deniece C. Styles Blog

I woke up this morning feeling EXTRA blessed and grateful; right after opening my eyes, thanking God for allowing me to do exactly that and going thru some unopened emails, I perused the photo gallery in my phone…

SLAY CANCER LOOK BOOK is now available for your viewing pleasure

Slay Cancer

Hey #CancerSlayers, I’m super excited and proud to present to you the*****insert drum roll here***** #SLAYCancer Lookbook Volume I . My goal was to showcase how easy it is to #SLAY while spreading cancer awareness and knowledge. Hopefully this…

It takes a village

Slay Cancer

  When my super talented Soror, Tricia Messeroux- Curwin, asked me to join the ranks as one of her “Pink Pride” models, I was completely honored and humbled. Trish the Dish (a nickname some of my chapter Sorors and…

dope fashion x cancer awareness = SLAY CANCER LOOKBOOK (BTS)

Deniece C. Styles Blog

  SLAY: [v] to kill especially in a battle or war. #SlayCancer is a movement to erase the stigma of the typical “cancer patient”, to promote early detection of cancer and to DESTROY this monster using fashion dopeness to…

My mastectomy and my emotions

Slay Cancer

3 weeks ago today I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and tissue expander placement #AtTheSameDamnTime. In hopes of avoiding future disease, my young age, and because of the stage of my cancer, I elected to have both breasts surgically…

Fear is one helluva drug

Slay Cancer

June 22, 2016 marked MY LAST CHEMO TREATMENT!! No words can ever describe how I felt that day. Besides the obvious sense of relief and gratitude, I just KNEW the physical symptoms I experienced for the past 4…

SLAYING the effects of chemotherapy on the body

Deniece C. Styles Blog

SLAYING the effects of chemotherapy on the body  For anyone who thinks having cancer is just about losing your hair, IT’S NOT! It’s an entire change of your entire life and it just totally sucks. However, when I…

Chemo Brain is Real in the Field

Slay Cancer

Chemo Brain is Real in the Field I stumbled upon this meme and it  totally hit the nail on the head…. One of the worst parts about taking meds and going through chemo treatments is waking up every…