I’m so thankful that God put it in my heart to write (ALOT!) when I was going thru chemo. Now I can look back and read about how I was feeling emotionally, physically and mentally on any given day. These pics were taken 6 months ago today but I remember like it was yesterday. I was smiling for the pics but I was in so much physical pain. As my journal states:

” Today was my 2nd to last chemo treatment. WOOHOO!!!!!! Neuropathy from this damn chemo is becoming unbearable. The electric shocking feeling in my hands and feet straight startled and woke me up from the 2 hours of sleep I finally got last night smh. It was so bad, mommy had to zip the side of my skirt for me because my fingertips couldnt “feel” the zipper! WTH, how di hell am I supposed to step out and slay in these streets if I can’t even complete the final touches of the ‘fit?!?! I was thissssss close to just throwing on some sweats, and not drawing on my eyebrows but I decided to push through the pain and go for it! I took maybe 10 steps into the treatment center, and the lady that signs everyone in shouts “Deniece, don’t you look great today! Keep smiling, its contagious!” I didn’t even know I smiled bc I felt like sh*t but her comment instantly made me appreciate the fact that my smile that was hiding all the pain could actually help someone else.”

On this day, I realized that we A L L go thru some kind of pain and suffering but if we push past it, someone else can use our personal struggle as encouragement to keep going. A smile moves us internally; our hearts are touched and personalities shift. On this Monday, I dare you to smile. Even though you are in pain, smile! Even though you are at job you cant stand, smile! Bills up the wazoo?!? SMILE!  Someone didn’t get the opportunity to wake up this morning so the least you could do is flash those pearly whites to someone who may need it.