“And who knows but that you have come to your ROYAL position for such a time as this”   Esther 4:14

I had been praying and asking God to use me so that my thoughts and actions bring glory to His name. Six days before my 33rd birthday, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the initial shock I realized quickly that THIS is God’s will! My personality and disposition would not allow me to just “sit back and take this” lying down. I decided to take control of what I could and cut my hair before the chemotherapy got to it. Surrounded by my loving, supportive, and encouraging family, friends and sorority sisters, I cut my locks of 8years.

After letting the world know about my current but temporary health crisis, I have received an abundance of love and support from my extended family and the cancer community. I CANNOT thank everyone enough. I feel stronger than ever and I know it’s from the grace of God surrounding me with wonderful people. The joy I feel in my heart is beyond words. I love everyone and I’m ready to fight the good fight….all while staying FLY!!!

Now I’m launching a new initiative called Cuts with DenieceCStyles, a hair release event designed to support girls & women experiencing the consequences of cancer treatments.  and empower them with the mental tools necessary to beat the disease. By taking control of your destiny and choosing to embrace this journey you will feel supported, empowered and find a sense of serenity We live in a society where beauty and image is everything and it’s not easy to suffer from hair loss. But imagine the power of cutting your hair into an amazing chic and trendy style with the love and support of your closest family members and friends.

Cuts with Deniece C. Styles is a personalized beauty makeover where attendees unite  in solidarity and faith to provide comfort and healing to their beloved one transitioning from full locks to a beautiful baldie.  The event includes a live DJ, cocktails, fun activities for guests, and of course hair cuts! You do not have to take on this battle alone. For more information on hosting Cuts with Deniece for you or a loved one please use our contact form by clicking HERE