Chemo Brain is Real in the Field
I stumbled upon this meme and it  totally hit the nail on the head….
One of the worst parts about taking meds and going through chemo treatments is waking up every morning and not knowing what today’s side effects will be. Most likely I’ll be majorly fatigued, sluggish and exhasted, but will I have joint and muscle pains today? Will my mouth and lips be totally numb?? Will I have an overwhelming feeling of nauseau and anxiety?? or *drum roll please* Will I be totally overcome by “Chemo Brain” today?!
For the past few weeks, Ive definitely experienced this phenomenon without knowing there was a technical term for it. Chemo brain feels as if you’re wearing a cap on your head made of fog. I mean, all my friends can attest to the fact that my memory wasn’t that up to par before getting diagnosed *shrug*, BUT this chemo brain thing is just over the top!  Its a great mix of memory lapses, difficulty finding the right words, trouble concentrating and remembering details (I mean, I totally stumbled on my fav Lil Kim verse Of “No Time” the other day *gasp*)
FullSizeRenderI’m slowly but surely realizing that chemo brain is something that I have to and can learn to manage. Even though this is not a change that’s easy to see, like my hair loss or lack of energy, I’m learning to adjust to my temporary “new normal” as best as I can. Using a daily detailed planner and also keeping track of when memory problems are most noticeable has helped me prepare. Also, trying not to focus on how much these symptoms bother me has helped a great deal! My illness has taught me that while my body is in chaos internally, my life externally must remain at peace……SO here’s to not forgetting to not fleek out my eyebrows before leaving the crib 🙂