*singing* “Do you know what today is?? It’s my CHEMOVERSARY!!!!”


YES THAT IS RIGHT!! 365 days of NO CHEMO!!! No nightmares and/or insomnia the day before chemo, no more liberal applications of lidocaine (numbing creme) on my port before taking that dreaded drive to my cancer center, no more seeing the same familiar faces at the hospital, no more signing of a million forms asking me the same questions a million times, no more metalllic tastes in my mouth from the IV flush (I can STILL taste it, yuck!), no more tears while the chemo is being pushed into my port thinking “I can not believe I have cancer”, no more ulcers forming in mouth, no ice chips to chew on, no more hives or trouble breathing, no more sitting around for hours at a time while poison/medicine(depending on who you ask) travels into my body, no more indescribable feelings of nausea, vomiting and lethargy, no more postchemo trips to Grand Lux with mommy, no more being out of it for days at a time postchemo…..365 days of  N O  C H E M O T H E R A P Y!!



The left pic is June 22, 2015 and the right pic is today. Yes, I am wearing black and white bottoms and the same “God is Dope” shirt (because He certainly is!!! ) but I MOST proud of the same smile. That smile only exists because of God’s grace and mercy…..I hope it shows strength and hope despite adversity and pain


……Jeremiah 29:11………….