In honor of #BlackBreastFeedingWeek I wanted to drop some #SlayCancer knowledge for you! Yes, breastfeeding serves as a natural bonding experience between mother and child as well as provide optimal nutritional benefits for the offspring, but breastfeeding isn’t just about the baby!! Studies show that :

1) a cumulative duration of breastfeeding is associated with 33% decreased risk of #BreastCancer compared to women that have never breastfed a child

2) #Breastfeeding can delay breast cancer for 10 years in someone that would already get the disease genetically

3) There is a 4% reduction in #BreastCancerRisk per year of nursing. …… knowing that myself and thousands of women who have had a #DoubleMastectomy will NEVER get the opportunity to breastfeed is a sad truth however, I hope this info about breastfeeding and the reduced risk of breast cancer can help prevent this disease from occurring in at least one woman. So go on, save the tatas and BREASTFEED!!