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Tag - cancer slayer

The Fight Doesn’t End In October

The Fight Doesn't End In October

OCTOBER 1- OCTOBER 31: “it’s Pinktober!, all pink everything, pink ribbons everywhere, 1 in 8 women, 1 in 100 men, check your breasts, get your annual mammogram, don’t forget your all pink outfit, pinkpinkpinkpinkpinkkkkkk” NOVEMBER 1- “Time for…

My mastectomy and my emotions

Slay Cancer

3 weeks ago today I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and tissue expander placement #AtTheSameDamnTime. In hopes of avoiding future disease, my young age, and because of the stage of my cancer, I elected to have both breasts surgically…

Fear is one helluva drug

Slay Cancer

June 22, 2016 marked MY LAST CHEMO TREATMENT!! No words can ever describe how I felt that day. Besides the obvious sense of relief and gratitude, I just KNEW the physical symptoms I experienced for the past 4…

SLAYING the effects of chemotherapy on the body

Deniece C. Styles Blog

SLAYING the effects of chemotherapy on the body  For anyone who thinks having cancer is just about losing your hair, IT’S NOT! It’s an entire change of your entire life and it just totally sucks. However, when I…

Chemo Brain is Real in the Field

Slay Cancer

Chemo Brain is Real in the Field I stumbled upon this meme and it  totally hit the nail on the head…. One of the worst parts about taking meds and going through chemo treatments is waking up every…

*Deniece meet Anais…*

Slay Cancer

A normal Friday evening beauty supply run with one of my best friends (love you Va!) turned into somewhat of an outer body experience for me……

“Cut It”

Slay Cancer

Six days before my 33rd birthday, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the initial shock I realized quickly that THIS is God’s will! My personality and disposition would not allow me to just “sit back and take this” lying down. I decided to take control of what I could and cut my hair before the chemotherapy got to it.