Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of my LAST DAY of CHEMO and I can now officially say I am Cancer- FREE!!!!!!

(Woo-hooooo…It’s a celebration bitches!!!!!)

Whether or not you have cancer, there is always a reason to celebrate. One of the main reasons survivors celebrate cancerversaries is because we’re simply thankful to be alive. This year, I wanted to celebrate BIG! I racked my brain for weeks trying to figure out the perfect way to celebrate this significant milestone. Then *BOOM*, God reminded me of some thangs and He put something on my heart: Since I was a child, I found immense joy in putting together head-to-toe outfits and executing fashion shows in my living room for my family. 30+ years later after my breast cancer diagnosis, I created ‘Slay Cancer’ as a way to use on-trend fashion to encourage people (especially young brown women) to learn more about #breastcancer and preventative care. Selfishly, Slay Cancer allowed me to utilize my creativity and focus on something else besides my diagnosis. Most importantly, I was (am) able to help other women ( and men!) who were diagnosed after me navigate through their cancer journey a little easier. When thinking about my Last Day of Chemo, I remember boldly walking into my cancer center knowing I beat cancer’s a** AND looked tf good doing it *kanye shrug*. I want other cancer slayers to be unafraid and audacious. Courageous and daring. Let the world know that it’s your LAST DAY OF CHEMO and cancer may have started the fight, but YOU damn sure finished it!

*ALAS, The Last Day Of Chemo Capsule Collection‘ was birthed *

Is your Last Day of Chemo approaching or do you know someone who is looking forward to this milestone??? Well it’s time for you to cop a ‘Last Day of Chemo‘ or ‘No Mo’ Chemo‘ tee or BOTH!

LDC Capsule Collection, ‘Last Day of Chemo’ te
LDC Capsule Collection, ‘No Mo’ Chemo’ tee

And what about my new BADDIE BALDIES?? Has chemo taken your hair and TRIED to take your fly? Or are you simply up on the 2021 hat trend and NEED you some trucker and bucket hats?!?!? Then snatch a SlayCancerTruckerHat AND SlayCancerBucketHat ASAP!

LDC Capsule Collection, ‘Slay Cancer’ Trucker hat
LDC Capsule Collection, ‘Slay Cancer’ Bucket hat

The 1970’s ‘matchy matchy’ trend is back and better than ever! Proudly rep ‘SlayCancer’ while donning our 2-piece premium set that features a 100% cotton short sleeve crop top and matching shorts ( in Apricot and Cream ) #LDCPremiumSet

LDC Capsule Collection, ‘2 piece premium set’ in Apricot
LDC Capsule Collection, ‘2 piece premium set’ in Cream

The #LDCCapsuleCollection showcases the strength and fortitude of cancer patients who’ve reached that LAST DAY OF CHEMO milestone ….and who want to look TF good while ringing that infamous victory bell.